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My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!

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"Does Aoba hate me?"

"I can’t be with Aoba"

"If I had to go away-"

"I want to be with him"

"I wanted to protect him"

"Aoba I’m sad"

"Aoba Aoba"

Ren’s messages right before his bad ending.


Hey friends, time to help a pup again. This is Troy, he is set to be euthanized tomorrow night unfortunately. He was surrendered after his owners moved and they just couldn’t find a animal friendly home. His owners had children and said he was good with other dogs and loves to love and play. He is house trained and knows basic commands. Please contact me of you’re serious* about taking him! He’s in Manhattan and as always, I’ll be down to help transport him to you if you’re in the area. Please help him, PLEASE

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How to contour and highlight your face!

Here is an image I found on where natural highlights are on men and women, a perfect reference for beginning drag kings and queens like me. 

guys this is a lifesaver for cosplay! espECIALLY if you’re doing troll/painted up cosplay and want to blend to make your features actually stand out no matter what gender the character you’re cosplaying is

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it fuckin better


I like to think that Howl and Calcifer just sat down and had tea and a chat once in a while. You would too if your fireplace were a sentient fire demon. It’s one of the perks.

(Super late submission to ghibli jam, which I only found out about at 10PM last night (!) Process on twitter soon.)


 Lauren Randolph



Misato, who has been previously hired by her High School to rid their auditorium of pigeons, asserts that her falcon, Momotaro, will get the job done.

“The falcon is a divine punishment against crows. When their eyes meet the glare of the falcon, they will definitely not return” she says without a single doubt in her mind.

Japan’s Schoolgirl Falconer Is Incredibly Badass [Japanator]

that quote omfg lmao


I haven’t taken a bubble bath in ages.

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